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Terry Crews' Baseball Swing Is A Vile Abomination

Ew. I’m not one to talk trash on a jacked up man with a hardcore porn addiction whose pecks could solely me his bitch for eternity, but come on Terry. Mike to Ike for me, one time, man. Or at least get in some tee-work/soft-toss before the game. Gotta show a little better effort than that on the diamond. And put a damn shirt on if you’re gonna whiff on three straight. No need to look like Tarzan if you’re gonna play like Jane. How can someone so athletic have a swing that bad? It almost confuses me more than Snoop Dogg’s hack:

What’s going on here? How can someone get that bundled up on a slow pitched softball coming in at KFC cone-drill speed? I mean, there’s a good chance he’s so high that ball probably stopped in mid-air and started talking Portuguese on him, but still. Snoop Doggy Dogg needs to get a jobby job better swing.

Trigger. Step. Swing. Squash the bug while we’re at it, boys. It ain’t that hard. Just take notes off of Mash City Smitty and we’ll be just fine and dandy. Only Teddy Ballgame in his prime made more solid contact.