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Congresswoman Who Used Educational Scholarship Money As Personal Slush Fund Says Agents Should Have Focused Less On Her And More On Orlando Terrorist

SourceDemocratic Rep. Corrine Brown of Florida suggested on Friday that, if agents investigating her had instead spent their time investigating the man who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub in June, the massacre could have been prevented.

“These are the same agents that was not able to do a thorough investigation of the agent, and we ended up with 50 people dead,” Brown said, referring to [the terrorist].

Brown made the comments after being indicted on charges that she and her chief of staff used a college scholarship fund as a “personal slush fund.”

Brown’s lawyer, Elizabeth White, made a similar remark following the indictment.

“Perhaps had it chosen to devote its resources more thoughtfully, 50 innocent people would be alive today,” White said of the government, according to a report from local outlet First Coast News.

On Sunday, Brown also raised eyebrows with a blog post wherein she appeared to compare her appearance in court to the shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and five police officers in Dallas.

“Last week was very rough,” she wrote. “Two black men were needlessly gunned down by police; five Dallas police officers were slain by a demented man, and on Friday I had to appear in federal court.”



What. A. Psycho. Lock her up. Lock her the fuck up right now. Honestly, it’s shocking that someone like this can get elected to Congress. Congress! These people have access to classified information. These people serve on committees that decide whether or not we go to war. These people DIRECTLY influence all of the decisions that the richest, most powerful entity in the history of the planet make. And they can rise to that position by being complete, delusional, corrupt lunatics? What?

At least she’s 1 of 435 and not 1 of 1, like the president. Imagine if we elected a crazy, delusional, ranting and/or crooked person to be president? Or imagine even if we nominated a couple? Man that’d be nuts. Phew.

It’s a bold, bold move to invoke the deadliest terror attack in the U.S. since 9/11 — which happened in your district — in an attempt to divert attention away from you funneling over $800,000 of fake “educational scholarship” money into you and your chief of staff’s personal accounts. And by bold I mean scumbag.