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Nintendo Stock Casually Went up 24.5% Today, Pokemon Go Already Has More Android Users Than Twitter

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First of all, how about the Japanese stock market having a little hour lunch break thrown in there?

WSJ - A new smartphone game that has fans chasing Pokémon characters through real-life city streets has turned into an unexpected craze and added $9 billion worth of market value to Nintendo Co. in just a few days.

Nintendo shares surged 25% in Tokyo trading Monday following rises Thursday and Friday, giving the company a market capitalization of nearly $28 billion. 

It took less than a day from the introduction for Pokémon Go to become the most downloaded and highest-grossing app in the countries where it is available, according to market-data provider App Annie. Data firm SimilarWeb said Monday the app is about to surpass social-networking service Twitter among Android users in the U.S. as far as the number of daily active users.

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This thing has become kind of a craze, kind of a craze. Mind baffling how it already has more Android users than Twitter. What a fucking piece of shit Twitter is. Been around for ages now, and Pokemon swoops in and passes it’s user base in a weekend, and that’s even before the old people can figure it out. Can’t believe it wouldn’t accept his Hotmail account, truly shocking.

The question is though, is Pokemon Go just another fad like Beanie Babies, Pogs, and the Internet? Or does thing have lasting power? What I’m hoping is the powers that be over at the Ty Corporation are taking notice and are making their own version of Pokemon Go, but with Beanie Babies. Maybe a Tamagotchi resurgence is right behind it as well. If Nintendo stock can go up 25% in one day because of this game, every other fad from the 90’s should be making a comeback as well. TRL better be back on TV by 3pm tomorrow. Fred Durst better be dropping a new song. Justin and Britney better be dropping that sex tape we never got to see. And Starter jackets. Need more Starter jackets.