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John Daly Started Putting With One Hand While In Contention Yesterday



I almost started this blog with, “Why the hell would he do something like that?” but then I remembered something. Never question John Daly. Ever. We’ve never done it before and we’re not gonna start doing it now. If he’s doing it there must be a good reason for it. Maybe it’s like when Michael Jordan shot a free throw with his eyes closed. Or when Larry Bird decided to start shooting with his left hand because he was bored of torching everyone with his right. That’s what the greats do. They have to up the ante in order to keep themselves interested. JD has lived his entire life living by his own rules and it’s worked out pretty well (minus the $50 million or so lost to gambling) so who are we to judge. It’s also possible that John was so hungover that he forgot to use both hands while putting. Impossible to rule that out.