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The Picture Of Reese Witherspoon And Her Daughter Looking Like Twins Creeps Me Out

Staring at that picture makes my brain hurt just like when I stare at a Magic Eye until a fucking schooner appears. Just weird shit. And yes I understand that Reese Witherspoon and her daughter should probably look alike. That’s the epitome of an “Uhhhh ya think” moment from the Pardon My Take boys. But Reese’s daughter is also half Ryan Phillippe, right? I mean I knew that guy had some femininity about him, but Jesus. Does he even pass the X (or is it Y?) chromosome when he has sex? Or does he just pump girl sperm out? Is that even possible? See now I’m down a rabbit hole that I cannot possibly think or talk my way out of all because of this goddamn picture.

However, kudos to Reese for still having her fastball all these years later. She wasn’t even the hottest chick in Cruel Intentions but I feel like she may have the last laugh on Sarah Michelle Gellar when it’s all said and done.