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If You Didn't See It Here's What You Missed At The Al Horford Introduction





Boy do I love player introduction press conferences. So much fluff, so much bullshit, so much pandering for the fans, it’s fantastic. If you missed Horford’s presser, you missed the biggest FA signing in franchise history pretty much say all the right things while at the same time give the entire New England region one giant Celtics boner. Was it a kick to the dick to hear him talk about how he called KD and they talked about coming to Boston and apparently KD was legit considering it? Sure, but at the end of the day the Celts snagged the second best FA on the market, that fills a need, so there is reason for excitement. Whenever these things happen, especially after a player gets hundreds of millions of guaranteed dollars, there usually isn’t really anything of substance to take away from. Well, I’d say the answer to the question we all were wondering was why the fuck was Kelly Olynyk at the KD meeting. Well, shame on us for not realizing he was the best recruiter since John Calipari’s duffle bag full of money. At the end of the day, at least things were a little more cheery than this


We also learned that Horford will wear 42, which is a mixed bag of basketball fortune. The list of 42s goes something like this: Jerome Anderson, Bobby Wilson, Don Chaney, Chris Ford, Mark Acres, Dave Popson, Joe Wolf, Steve Hamer, Kedrick Brown, Vin Baker, Tony Allen, Shavlik Randolph, David Lee. Not exactly the best group if history tells us anything. I just pray his time in 42 is closer to Tony Allen than Vin Baker, that’s all I ask.

I can’t finish without addressing Wyc’s fucking mullet. Guy is single and ready to mingle by any definition. Sure a full on mullet on a 55 year old may seem ridiculous, but you think he cares? He’s worth $360M. I say play on playa.

After winning a Summer League Championship last night, following that up with a nice tall cold glass of Celtics Kool-Aid while we said hello to our first big major piece has almost made me forget completely about not getting Durant. Who needs him (us..we did….really really bad).