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In Least Shocking News Ever, People Are Mad At A Peter King Tweet Again

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Is this tone deaf? To say where is MLK now when you know the answer is dead at the hands of a race motivated sniper rifle, a mere hours after a race related sniper attack took place? Yeah, I’d say so, but the thing about Peter King is he’s not malicious, he’s just an old dude with a twitter account that he doesn’t really know how to use it. And the biggest problem in times like these is that everyone thinks they NEED to tweet something, anything. Whether it be politics or “ThoughtsAndPrayers” or how to solve the gun crisis in America, everyone thinks they just have to tweet. That not tweeting isn’t even an option. And it’s all so stupid and silly. What the fuck is a tweet going to do? You’re most likely tweeting to the same bubble you live in, not changing anyone’s opinion on anything. So instead of telling everyone you need a hug or how heartbroken you are, maybe just don’t tweet. I wish I knew how to stop all this shit going on in our Country, I’m just a fat dumb blogger with shit for brains. But I do know tweeting about how sad you are so that you can get retweets or getting mad at tweets and fighting on social media and Facebook comment sections is the opposite direction. It solves absolutely nothing and makes everyone look dumber.



Also, if you just need to get mad at a tweet, go for Ric Bucher’s, now THAT shit is tone deaf.


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