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Chase Utley Got 6 Hits Last Night, Is Still The Man At 37 Freaking Years Old

chase – How rare is it for a 37-year-old to get six hits in a major league game? Pretty, pretty rare. But that’s what Chase Utley did on Wednesday night for the Dodgers. In a 14-inning loss to the Orioles, Utley went 6-for-7. Six hits doesn’t happen all that often — although this is the third time it’s happened in about a week, which is somewhat bizarre. According to Yahoo! Sports, only 73 players have had a six-hit game since 1900. The record, seven hits, belongs to the Pirates’ Rennie Stennett, who did it in 1975. But Utley is 37 years old — 37 years and 202 days, to be completely accurate — and is nothing if not completely accurate. So how rare was it for an old man? Even an old man who is/was The Man? (RIP Harry.) Well, here’s the list of the oldest players ever to have a six-hit game: 1) Cal Ripken, 1999, 38 years, 293 days 2) Ty Cobb, 1925, 38 years, 138 days 3) The Man

So it looks like salt and pepper’d haired Chase is doing just fine and dandy back in his home state for the Dodgers. He’s batting in the leadoff spot now and, as you can see read (MLB won’t let us share shit), he’s doing OK. LA lost, but still, 6 hits in a game at any damn age is impressive.