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This Dude Broke Out Of Jail, Was Free For a Week, Then Grabbed a Beer At a Local Bar Before Turning Himself Back In

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Penn - An inmate who escaped a northwestern Arkansas jail, showed up at a nearby bar a week later, ordered a beer and declared he was turning himself in.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that 45-year-old Shaun Higham turned up Tuesday night at Mitch’s Place in Paris, about 6 miles from the Logan County Jail. He was wearing a dirty prison uniform and covered in insect bites. Logan County Sheriff Boyd Hicks says there had been no sightings of Higham since he picked a lock and fled the county jail on June 28.

The bar’s owner called police, saying Higham was there and that he wanted to turn himself in. Higham was drinking a beer when police arrived. He surrendered without incident.


Maybe breaking out of jail isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe the grass isn’t always greener on the otherside. We’ve all been there- you come up with this genius masterplan in your head, you finally raise up all the courage in your body to go for it, and it SUCKS. The plan sucks, nothing works out, and you just end up scrapping it and starting over from the beginning. That’s what happened to ol’ Shaun Higham here. Broke out of jail, envisioning a new life on an island selling Tshirts to tourists, but reality set in and he never even changed clothes while being eaten alive by mosquitos. Tough break. So he did the only reasonable thing and hunkered down at the local watering hole, got himself a nice cold beer, and turned himself back in. To be honest, they should take a few years off the end of his sentence for his humility. When you’re beat, you’re beat, and he was humble enough to admit defeat. Good for Shaun.