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Lingerie Football League Coach Has A Halftime Meltdown For The Ages

LFL – Coming off a 77-0 loss to the Atlanta Steam and being down 38 to 0 at halftime vs Chicago Bliss, Omaha Heart head coach Tony Doremus finally had enough. Holding a broken chair that was smashed against the wall, coach Doremus can be heard continuing to rant as cameras were kicked-off out of the locker-room.

This type of anger goes well beyond competitiveness. Bill Burr said it best, there are scumbags in the world. The types of dudes who slams their wives head into the cupboard drawers because they didn’t dry off the can opener properly (it’s gonna fucking rust!). And there’s no doubt in my mind that folding chair was used as a WWF weapon once those cameras left. No other reason he’s death gripping it.

Apparently the only requirement to be a Lingerie Football League head coach is being a hardo and a half. Yet somehow that wonderful display of batshit wasn’t even the craziest halftime explosion from the LFL.