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Kanye West Spent $750,000 On The Wax Celebrity Figures For His "Famous" Music Video

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Daily Mail- He’s known for going all out when it comes to his craft, and the shocking waxworks featured in his new music video Famous are of no exception. According to Life & Style, Kanye West forked over $750,000 for the lifelike wax figures of various stars lying nude together in his video Famous.  The waxworks were made in painstaking detail and took more than half a year to make, with Kanye personally involved in their creation, a source told the website. It took over six months to make them and Kanye was involved in all stages of development of the figures,’ a source told the website. ‘At one point, the music video shoot was delayed six weeks because Kanye wasn’t happy with how the figures looked.’  The source adds that Kanye was particularly fixated Caitlyn Jenner’s replica.



I am shocked. That is a shocking amount of money. Not sure how much I thought a bunch of plastic figurines of celebrities was going to cost but it sure as fuck wasn’t $750,000. Wasn’t Kanye complaining about how he was broke a few months ago? Now he’s got money to burn on wax sculptures of Bill Cosby? That doesn’t add up. Not only that but Kanye has to be pissed about the whole “Famous” music video thing. It did nothing. He definitely thought it was going to light the world on fire. He thought the celebs portrayed were going to be furious and that law suits were going to be flying through the door as soon as it got released. So far? Crickets. Nobody is talking about it except Lena Dunham so no one is talking about. Yeah lots of TV shows did parodies of it but other than that it has gone widely unnoticed. Kanye wants his art to shock and awe and Famous has been largely panned. He basically spend 750 grand to film his own personal Madame Tussauds. That doesn’t seem worth it at all. Weirdo.



This would concern me if I were Kim Kardashian


The source adds that Kanye was particularly fixated Caitlyn Jenner’s replica.