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A Road Rage Situation Quickly Ended With A One-Hit KO And Everyone Seemed So Bummed About It




*mutters to self* “I don’t even know why we even keep a baseball bat in the trunk any more”


I’m not sure if a road rage video can qualify in my slowly rounding to form 2016 Internet Fight of the Year rankings or if the performance even justifies it but this video absolutely cracked me up, almost as much as the sidewalk did to that KO’d dude’s skull. Everyone just seemed so discouraged thanks to the glass jaw of this poor vest-wearing doofus. According to the translated YouTube upload, the car was driving recklessly which led to vest guy scolding them for doing that near kids. And I’m certainly sympathetic to that part. But vest guy opening their car door was a pretty aggressive move. Even if these guys were assholes, they were stopped, and even cops aren’t allowed to pop someone’s car door open like that with no warning or anything. An aggressive act gets an aggressive response and when you’re dealing with the Russian equivalent of those guidos doing to D’jais, bad things can happen.


Of all the action though, shirtless dude coming out of the car like a cannon and immediately realizing the dude was hurt and trying to help him to his feet was both the most shocking and pretty charming I thought. Once he saw the guy was in no condition to fight he immediately became human again, like the Incredible Hulk shrinking back to an average joe with radiation poisoning and rage issues. He still got the fuck out of dodge when he saw vest guy was lifeless goo at that point but I’m giving him an ? for effort all the same, a rare moment of humanity from a raging shirtless dude in an internet video.