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Double Dare Is Coming Back For One Night Only At Comic Con

EW- Nickelodeon’s nostalgia block The Splat is honoring the 30th anniversary of the network’s seminal slime game show, Double Dare, in a big way this summer. Well, Summers. The network has enlisted original host Marc Summers to return, for the first time in 16 years, to the Double Dare set for a live edition of the game show that’ll dominate one night of San Diego Comic-Con this year.

The show celebrates its 30th anniversary on October 6 and is the network’s longest-running game show, having aired from 1986-1993 in its original run. “Thirty years later, people still stop me on the street every day and tell me playing Double Dare is the one thing they wish they could have done growing up,” Summers says. Lucky fans at Comic-Con will get to do just that, in a nighttime exhibition on July 22. The event will be streamed live on The Splat’s Facebook beginning at 9:30 p.m. PT, wherein fans will be able to watch the red and blue teams compete in rounds of trivia and a slew of classic physical challenges from Double Dares past: Down the Hatch, the Wringer, the Human Hamster Wheel, and the legendary Double Dare Nose.

Baby steps here people. For far too long children of the 90s have been screaming for their favorite nostalgia-filled memory to come back and we are clearly making progress. We had C.T. getting his sauce peppered by Johnny Bananas on the Aggro Crag, Ecto Cooler flying off the shelves like hot cakes, Crystal fucking Pepsi making a comeback along with an Oregon Trail game, and now Marc Summers dusting off the 4-5 like Jordan behind that glorious podium. And to be honest, I don’t know how Double Dare ever went off the air. It remains the best gameshow I ever watched. The questions were easy and fun enough for anyone to answer yet didn’t make you feel like you were a goddamn moron. The physical challenges were always fun. And regardless of what anybody says, the obstacle course remains the GOAT. Just reading about Down The Hatch, The Wringer, The Human Hamster Wheel, or the Double Dare Nose gave me feelings usually reserved for a summer crush or a large McDonald’s fries.

So I am just going to tell myself that this “one night only” nonsense is a way to test out Double Dare around the Comic Con nerds and knock out any jitters Marc Summers may have accumulated when he went from gameshow host to dropping food knowledge on Unwrapped (an A+ show in its own right). And then in a few short months, I hope to be blogging about Double Dare’s glorious return on some channel I will probably have to upgrade my TV package to just so I can rewatch the best gameshow ever make its triumphant comeback. Or I pray that we can rent the Double Dare set once everyone moves to New York and I can embarrass myself all in the name of #content.

And for what it’s worth, here are my Top 5 Nickelodeon Gameshows:
1. Double Dare
2. Guts
3. Nick Arcade (underrated)
4. Legends Of The Hidden Temple (overrated)
5. What Would You Do (Barely a gameshow in my opinion but still awesome.)
Also receiving votes: Figure It Out, Wild & Crazy Kids, Finders Keepers, Figure It Out

Also shout out to Sean for sending me this gem on Twitter. Can’t believe Harvey’s old ass is still kicking.