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A Woman Tried A "What Are You Doing In This Neighborhood" With A Black Girl And Her Dog, Got Punched, And Then Arrested


Here’s a lengthy background from the girl filming and in the last three seconds here is the white lady getting arrested for starting the physical altercation:



I have a particularly sympathetic spot for the “comeuppance for someone harassing a minority in a wealthy area just for existing” type of videos because it strikes me as such a shitty thing for people of color to have to deal with. You can call it white guilt or whatever but it’s one of those things that there’s no world in which I would ever have to deal with it but it happens all the time to people from all walks of life. I’ve had the kindest, most private school-raised black friends who’ve been literally told by cops “We’re going to follow you right now and you’ll keep driving out of this town” in Long Island for no reason besides being there. So when they’re getting one up on a cop or stereotypical low-key racist white lady, I’m fully in on it and glad to see it happen. It balances the world out, at least a little.


And this woman was just SUCH a stereotypical privileged white lady that it was almost too perfect. That little button down shirt, her passive aggressively whispering bitchy shit and being the aggressor then not being able to handle a seemingly pretty weak shot from the girl filming, crying and acting like the victim when she started the entire situation…overall she really combined the strongest qualities of both casual racism and hateable ladies freaking out in public in these kind of videos. Getting her arrested is just spiking the football after capturing all that on video but the black girl didn’t land a good KO on her swing so I guess that’s the trade off.


Also for clarification, the black girl’s dog is named Mojito and her saying “Move, Mojito” isn’t actually insulting the white lady and a stereotypical love of Mojitos. Kind of a bummer since that would have been a great white person burn on par with Undercover Brother basically doing an entire movie about how white people like mayonnaise. And Mojito wasn’t really that helpful in the situation, it seemed more like he was trying to give kisses as the white lady cried about her getting hit after making things physical, might be a secretly racist dog tbh. But despite that, great insult and dog name, rare to find a combo that works for both.


(h/t r/publicfreakout, Tumblr)