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White Sox Prospect Zack Burdi Hit 104MPH On The Gun Last Night


Absolute GASSSSSS.  There’s no video of him piping 104 yesterday, but check out the clip below.

The dude recording the video is flat out stunned at the numbers he was reading.  The hardest fastball I played against was 95 or so, and I was literally swinging before the ball was released.  How a hitter is supposed to make solid contact on a 100+ MPH fastball is crazy for me to think about.  Just stupid velocity, and the best part is is that he’s reportedly able to paint the black with it at will.

Insider WSD was doing a little digging around the last few days, and from what I’ve been told he’s gonna get a few more innings under his belt in Winston Salem and if all goes well he’ll be promoted straight to the White Sox from there. Not a bad consolation for losing Samardzija in free agency.  If I was a betting man (I am,  I had $$$ on the under of 11.5 hot dogs for Big Cat, thanks a lot ya jerk) I’d guess he’ll be in Chicago right after the All Star break.  Pairing him with Jones and Robertson will give the Sox a really strong back end of the pen.

My guys over at @futuresox have a really good breakdown on him and you can find it here.