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The Yankees Win With Another Walkoff

Monday night was the worst win of the season and now the Yankees have delivered 2 of the best wins of the season. Pineda left one pitch up in the first but besides that worked efficiently to turn the game over the the bullpen, who were lights out. The difference that Betances, Miller and Chapman make for this team was so evident today because if this game went beyond them no one, including Girardi, thought we had a chance to win this game.

I wrote this morning how important this next stretch of games are if this team wants to stay together and now heading to San Diego you just hope they know it too. A 6 hour flight to San Diego gets a lot easier after 2 walkoffs but if we can’t go out and dominate a bad Padres team, none of this means anything.

At the same time though, what if they rattle off 12 wins in a row to head to the break?

PS: I can’t believe how much Headley has done to turn his season around. In April in the same position he probably just trips running down the line.