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Roomba Pong Is The Obvious Next Step In Beer Pong's Evolution


Beer pong was fun back in the day. It was the cornerstone of any high school party/freshman dorm room. Take that closet door off, set up the cups, and you were the cock of the walk until the RA busted in on you like the wettest of blankets. But now in my olden age, pong doesn’t do it for me anymore. It’s kind of like how you used to be able to get off on pictures, now you need triple anal. Same thing. But Roomba Pong is that next step up. While it would be rare to find someone with two, $400 vacuum cleaners to spill beer over, the idea is phenomenal. Some nerd out there should be devising a way to create this and put it out to market. Make it cheaper and make it so when you inevitably spill a cup of Natty Light all over it, it doesn’t shut off and ruin everyone’s day. Instant, overnight millionaire.