Video: US Air Strike Blows 250 ISIS Fighters The Fuck Up

(CNN)Coalition airstrikes targeted two ISIS convoys leaving Falluja over two days, destroying about 175 vehicles carrying militants out of the city, the spokesman for the U.S. coalition said Thursday.

Col. Chris Garver said Iraqi security forces destroyed other vehicles.

Garver didn’t say how many ISIS militants were killed, but Iraqi officials said dozens died. A U.S. official said the destroyed vehicles could have carried as many as 250 ISIS fighters.

Shut down your SpankBang incognito window, cancel your one day Brazzers pass, we got ISIS terrorists getting blown the FUCK up for this afternoon.

Garver said a large group of vehicles was detected gathering in neighborhoods southwest of Falluja, west of the Tofaha Bridge, on Tuesday night. Iraqi security forces on the ground positively identified the convoy as belonging to ISIS, he said.

“Iraqi air force and coalition airstrikes attacked the convoy throughout the night and into Wednesday morning,” Garver said. “We estimate coalition strikes destroyed approximately 55 Da’esh vehicles and we know the Iraqi security forces destroyed more.” Da’esh is another term for ISIS.

On Wednesday, a second group of ISIS vehicles and fighters formed east of Ramadi, in the Albu Bali neighborhood, Garver said.
“When strikes from both Iraqi and coalition air hit the convoy, the Da’esh fighters abandoned their vehicles and fled on foot,” he said. “We estimate coalition strikes destroyed approximately 120 Da’esh vehicles. Again, we know the Iraqi security forces destroyed more.

175 vehicles, approximately 250 wiped out. Boner rating: full chub.