Jaylen Brown Bullies And Dunks On Some Poor Kid Because He Said Ben Simmons Was Better

BOSTON Jaylen Brown really seemed to enjoy a clinic the Boston Celtics hosted Wednesday at the Madison Park Community center. The No. 3 overall draft pick defended children going through dribbling drills. He offered advice about establishing goals and the importance of education. He chatted with kids, took pictures with them, and, yes, even dunked on one trash-talking child.

“You have to have that instinct,” Brown smiled after the clinic, which was put on to celebrate the Celtics’ renovations of the Roxbury gym. “He challenged me and I just blacked out. He said, ‘You ain’t good.’ He said Ben Simmons (the No. 1 overall draft pick) is better. So I said alright, OK.”

And then Brown crossed the kid over, dribbled by him and slammed home an easy one-handed slam.



Offensive Foul.




Jaylen Brown sending a message to the NBA loud and clear: I’m here, it’s my time, and if you talk trash and are an overweight 14 year old kid, this is it what happens to you.

Seriously anyone else get the vibe that there was like, zero joy behind this move? That Jaylen Brown was legitimately pissed this little dude said Ben Simmons was better? Just didn’t have that joking-around, good-spirited feel of “NBA player clowns on little kid,” like James Harden the other day.

Felt like Jaylen Brown threw it down and mean mugged then probably talked shit about the kid’s mom and called him a fuckboi or something. Hardoooo.

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Flip side though, can’t argue with that competitive drive. Doesn’t matter who challenges you, a PAC 12 lockdown defender, an NBA superstar, or a heavyset child at summer camp – you talk smack, you get taught a lesson. MJ would have done the same thing.


Not for nothing – but that was pretty good defense.