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PK Subban Is Moving To Nashville





Big day for hockey twitter! BIG DAY! First, our old pal Peter Chiarelli stepped up to the plate and traded the number one pick of the 2010 NHL Draft, as he wasn’t content trading away simply the number two pick back in his Boston days. In a one for one trade Chiarelli traded Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. When I read that tweet I laughed harder than I’ve laughed at any point in time since the Colts trick play. One for one! One for one, and one of the players was Taylor Michael (made that middlename up) Hall. In his time as a GM Peter Chiarelli has traded Tyler Seguin and Taylor Hall for Loui Eriksson, Adam Larsson, Joe Morrow, Reilly Smith, and Matthew Fraser. Before we laugh too hard, take into account the fact that if those guys played 5 on 2 it would probably be a decent game, so maybe Chiarelli isn’t all that crazy.



Next up, the Montreal Canadiens! They saw Chiarelli and wanted to get in on the laugh fest a little bit. They felt left out, like everyone at the party was having a good time with this one guy and they wanted a little attention, so they went ahead and traded PK Subban for Shea Weber. They traded PK Subban from ages 27-31 for Shea Weber from ages 31-40. An ASTOUNDING move on there part as well.


Poor PK just spent a year learning French in order to do his interviews in Montreal’s native tongue, as their fans demand, and now he’s gotta pick up and move to Tennessee, where they barely even speak English. Oh, he also donated ten million dollars to the Montreal Children’s Hospital last year. No biggie. I’m sure southerners will love an outspoken and flamboyantly dressed black hockey player though, so he’s got that going for him.



Also Steven Stamkos decided to stay in Tampa for a tiny 8.5 AAV. In the last thirty minutes three of the best hockey players in the world either decided to stay in Florida or were told they were moving to New Jersey and Nashville. Wild day.



PS  – I will say I’m going to miss playing against PK Subban. The flopping was annoying at times, but he was an all-time villain. If your heart didn’t stop every time he got the puck at the point you’re a liar.