Melisandre Had A Cold-Blodded Parting Gift For Shireen On The Set Of Game Of Thrones


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.47.31 PM




“Hey remember that time I lit your ass on fire for no reason on the most popular show on TV? LOLOLOLOLOL here’s some Quick Start kindling on your last day SUCKER”


Now obviously Melisandre didn’t write the books or the TV show so it wasn’t her call when she burned Shireen alive for no reason but still. That’s just a mean gift. And when I say Melisandre lit Shireen on fire for no reason, I literally mean for no reason. It did absolutely nothing for anyone on the show except drive Shireen’s mother to suicide. Melisandre just stares into fire and makes shit up and hopes that it sticks to the wall. Melisandre is that one friend everyone has that makes outlandish sports prediction after outlandish sports prediction but then when he gets one right (bringing Jon Snow back to life) he acts like his shit don’t stink. Burn Shireen? Didn’t work. Tell Stannis he is protected by the lord of light and force him into battle? Didn’t work. Bring Jon Snow back to life? IT WORKED I AM THE SMARTEST WOMAN ALIVE.


PS- Melisandre looking real real good in that picture. Keep the necklace on though.