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Donald Trump Gave An Economic Speech In Front Of A Wall Of Garbage Today





There are a lot of things, an awful lot of things, about Donald Trump’s campaign that make you scratch your head and say, “… how?” but this might be the most confounding one yet. The man who people regularly refer to as human garbage and who has turned the Republican party into a dumpster fire stood in front of literal garbage for a speech. How?


I’m not running for president. Yet I still go through every picture I tweet or post with a fine tooth comb. I make sure there’s nothing behind me that people will zoom in on and mock. I make sure I don’t have pictures of friends or family, because I’ve got no desire to expose them to the horrible world of the internet. I make sure I don’t have addresses or bank statements or anything at all, really. I scrub every shot. Hell, I consider going to an open house or renting a hotel room just so the background is as bland as possible. Yet the guy who hopes to be president just stood in front of trash to talk about the economy and not one member of his team thought the optics might not look great on this one? Incredible stuff.