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Trick Daddy Intentionally Spitting All Over His Phone In A Video Rant Is A Savage Move



It’s difficult to decipher exactly what’s the root cause of the problem here. Between the leaf blower in the background, the southern slang, and the downright insanity it was kind of like being in Spanish class in high school, where you don’t really know what’s going on but you just try and catch a word or two you understand then make your own story up.


But, I think a woman — ahem, a pussy ass hoe — was upset about comments on something Trick Daddy posted online? Classsssssic girl problems. Hey, sweetheart, I can’t control what people say to me! I didn’t fucking ask Tiffany to like my post or call me bae or tweet a heart emoji! I SWEAR BEFORE GAWD if you bring that shit up again I’ll rip that weave out your hair hoe!


Kind of nice to know that rappers have the same problems as high school kids, though. Mo money, mo problems, mo hoes getting  upset about other hoes getting all up in your comments. It’s a vicious cycle. But I knowwwww one thing, that this is the life for me.







PS – I should probably address the headline part, which comes at the end of the first video. How mad must you be in order to spit AT your phone because somehow it insults her? And how do you still stay mad after doing it and not just break out into laughter over the dumb thing you just did? I used to have a bit of a temper problem, back when I was in college before when I gave up on everything, and would occasionally punch a hole or two in the wall over grades or fights on the phone with girlfriends. When you do shit that dumb, it’s impossible to stay mad. You immediately calm down, think “Fuck I am a moron. What was that supposed to accomplish?” and then have yourself a little giggle fit. Every single time. I assumed spitting all over your iPhone would cause the same reaction.



PPS – “Suck my dick from the back so when your jaw gets tired you can kiss me ass” makes zero sense, but I love it.