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Iggy Azalea Was Told She's 'Ruining Hip Hop' By A Guy At The Airport And Her Face Was So Sad

Vibe – Iggy Azalea was recently approached by someone in the airport with a video camera who appeared to be a fan. Turns out he just wanted to thank her for “ruining hip-hop.” In the video, the troll walks away, while a visually stunned and shocked Iggy stands there quietly.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Iggy Iggs. The Australian MC called off her very public engagement to basketball player Nick “Swaggy P” Young after cheating allegations, and her song “Team” isn’t performing too well on the charts.



I have to admit this one made me feel kind of bad. I’m not either for or against Iggy Azalea; I had no real problem with her pop rap success or her giant ass but I could see how people would be annoyed at her inauthentic experience. At the same time, why is it so okay for the internet hive mind to pick and choose who’s a victim and why someone like Iggy Azalea isn’t? They’ll defend some unknown and unoriginal female blogger because people on the internet hurt her fee fees but it’s okay to tee off on Iggy because it’s universally accepted she’s not that good at rap? Seems kind of silly to me even if I’d personally rather listen to Kidz Bop’s Straight Outta Compton tribute than any of what she calls hip hop. There was a guy who once rapped like he was John Wayne and called himself The Rappin Duke, Iggy Azalea is hardly the biggest ruination of hip hop around.


With that in mind, I wasn’t huge on the guy stepping to her and saying mean internet troll things to her face. I guess in some respects at least it’s more courageous than anonymously saying the same thing from a Twitter egg account but there’s something that seems even more abusive about rubbing her face in it in real life. Like maybe he deserves some props for saying it that venue but it’s only fair that she or one of her bodyguards got one free shot at him because it’s such a dick move. That’s what we in a civilized society call compromise, not this hit and run “Fancy” slander.