Rihanna Dropped An A+++ Instagram Video Last Night



I came. You came. We all came together at the same time because that’s what Rihanna does. She makes dudes cum no matter what she does. She is a walking, talking, signing, dancing sex maniac. That was 10 seconds of raw sexuality. Looking right up Rihanna’s asshole. Pretty sure we saw what she had for breakfast that morning. Best part is it was just some random fan who took the video, sent it to her and she was like, “Yep, that’s going up on my Instagram. I want all of the men and women out there who love me and want to fuck me to see what I had for breakfast that morning” and she put it out into the world. If you could bottle up the sexual vibes Rihanna puts out every time she makes a move you could make an atomic bomb. The god you pray to isn’t real but we should all drop to our knees every morning and give thanks that we’re alive at the same time as Rihanna and get to witness Instagram videos like that one. Praise our lord and savior Rihanna. Amen.