Brazil Looks Fun.

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Welcome to Hell. Brazilian cops and firefighters protest in the airport for incoming tourists. [via Reddit]

Who’s ready for the Olympics?!?

Everybody knows how important a good first impression is. Imagine stepping off the plane and seeing cops and firefighters holding a gigantic custom made banner that says WELCOME TO HELL? Those people who are supposed to be there to protect you and save your life in case of an emergency broadcasting that they will not be doing either of those things because nobody has paid them? I don’t care how big a fan of fencing and rhythmic gymnastics you are, wise move would be hopping right on the next plane and heading straight home. Unless of course they don’t pay their pilots either. Or have guys set up on rooftops firing RPGs at every take-off. Or have planes full of Zika mosquitoes.

Luckily there are plenty of facilities to help you with any health issues you may have.

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Basically if you’re attending these Olympics you’re fucked, better to go in there with your eyes open about it.

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