The Big Bang Theory Has Been Renewed For 3 More Seasons And I For One Am Totally Psyched


Variety- Warner Bros. TV is also in the midst of contract renewal negotiations with key cast members Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and others. “Big Bang” is the brightest star in Chuck Lorre’s constellation of CBS comedies. Lorre and Bill Prady co-created the series and exec produce with Steven Molaro, who has been showrunner for the past two seasons. “Comedy is a big part of our schedule, and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is the biggest comedy force on television,” said CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler. “This multi-year deal further strengthens our network’s position for future seasons and marks another chapter in the great partnership CBS enjoys with Warner Bros. Television for delivering audiences the best in comedy. We’re proud to work with and showcase the incredible talents of Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro and this amazing cast every week,” she said.

Well that’s a pleasant surprise.  A great show like The Big Bang Theory deserves to keep going and going.  I wish it’d go on forever.  It’s that good.  I laugh out loud multiple times an episode.  I laugh and laugh.  Then I laugh some more.  Just giggling like a little girl on my couch at the endless stream of jokes hitting me in the face.  Not to mention Kaley Cuoco’s tits that are bouncing in my face every episode.  I can already hear people mounting their comedy high horses.  Saying stuff like, “The flyover states wouldn’t know good comedy if it kicked them in teeth” or “Of course you like this show you fucking hick”.  My personal favorite are the people who tell me to watch the show without the laugh track.  Yeah, I’m not gonna do that but thanks for the link.  Oh sorry you’re not one of the millions upon millions of people who love the show.  You must be one of the special ones who only laughs at high brow comedy.  I recommend taking a deep breath and letting a little joy enter your lives.  It’s okay.  You don’t have to be scared to like something that comedy snobs turn their nose up to.  That might be hard to process but just let it happen.  Let the jokes wash over you and take you away.  Most of the people who say the show is terrible probably haven’t watched one episode.  They’d rather follow the herd like a brainless zombie instead of giving it a chance.  They just want to play contrarion to the 20 million people who watch it and pretend like they’re too sophisticated to laugh at the show.  Sad.