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Former Lightning GM Thinks The Bruins Are One Of The Favorites To Land Steven Stamkos

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You want to know how little faith Bruins fans have in the Bruins front office? This news is simply depressing. That’s the only purpose it serves for Bruins fans: to make us sad. Because anyone who’s followed what’s been happening on Causeway Street over the last few years and has a handful of functioning brain cells knows that there is exactly a zero point zero percent chance this ever gets done. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily eat my words, unseasoned and raw, if it does but I’ve been hurt far too many times to get even remotely excited over the thought of Steven Stamkos donning the black and gold next season. It doesn’t matter that they should sign him, it doesn’t matter that they can sign him, all that matters is they will not sign him. Hearing that they’re even in the running is like hearing that the hot girl at the bar thinks you’re cute even though you know that you’re just going to fuck it up then puke all over yourself when she goes home with another guy. Don’t even let yourself entertain the idea, it will only break your heart more when it doesn’t happen.