Chinese Women Are Laying On Hot Rocks In The Sun To Cure Their Illnesses

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Mashable- We’ve heard of the benefits of crystal-healing, but a bunch of middle-aged women in Shaanxi, China, have taken the spiritual practice to another level with their new health routine. According to CCTV News, sightings of women lying on giant rocks in Xi’an’s local parks, with towels covering their faces are now extremely common. When approached by local reporters, these women claimed that lying on the heated rocks will help rid oneself of illnesses. One woman, identified only by her surname Lo, told reporters that she suffers from synovitis and stiff muscles. She went on to explain that one of her relatives with similar ailments as hers, tried this out-of-home remedy for an extended period and was cured. Although doctors have warned against the risks of prolonged sun exposure that can lead to sunburns and heat strokes, these women have brushed off the warnings, saying they did not feel hot at all.



First of all, those pictures are hilarious. Ladies just sprawled out on rocks. Second, when I was a kid and would complain that I had a headache my Dad would say, “Slam your finger in a door and you won’t have a headache anymore.” Transfer the pain to another part of your body and stop bitching. Would it have really worked had I tried it?  No I would just have a headache and a broken finger then. But that’s essentially what these Chinese women are doing by laying on hot rocks in the sun for hours and hours and then claiming it cured their illness. They’re transferring their illnesses by refocusing it somewhere else. Oh you have joint pain? Well then lay in the sun for a few hours, get sun poisoning and you won’t even think about that joint pain anymore. Oh your back hurts? Well lay in the sun for an entire day, get the worst sun burn of your entire life, try to sleep and you won’t even remember that you had back pain. So maybe these ladies will die out there in the sun trying to cure themselves but they’ll all have killer tans at their wakes. Silver lining.