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Congratulations To This Months Miltons Pimp My Wedding Winner..Also If You Are Getting Married This Fall Now Is The Time To Get Your Entries In To Win Free Suits For Your Wedding Party

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Miltons is going to hook up your entire wedding, up to 8 groomsmen, with all the gear they need. Send in your email to and we’ll have stoolies vote for the winners. We’re loading up right now for the next Pimp My Wedding Contest so if you are getting married this fall send in your nominations. Next winner will be announced August 12th.



This Month’s Winner







Reader Email



My Barstool Mofos,

First off, I’d like to say Thank You to the entire Barstool Staff and all of the Stoolies out there, as I am a member of the law enforcement community and appreciate very much everything you guys do to support us. Makes me proud to call myself a Stoolie.

With that being said, my brother, Kevin, who is thirteen months younger than I, is getting married on November 4, 2016. As I sit here with my newborn son, endulging in a beer, I wonder to myself why I am writing this email, then I realize it’s because Kev is a cheap bastard and probably needs some free shit. Honestly, Kev is a great dude and my best friend and has been since he entered this world. Kev is having two bestmen, myself and our youngest brother, Dennis .

Hold on the kid’s crying, I have to feed him.

Anyways, Kev is a work hard, play harder type of guy. I’ve been kicking Kev’s ass in everything (ex. Sports, School, Booze) since he came into this world, I’m hoping I can finally get him to win something. I hope the Stoolies agree and finally let Kev win at something in his life.