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Big Dick Stanton Is Back, Baby!

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins



The MLB measuring stick met Big Dick Stanton last night, and the BDS won. The time for fucking around is over. A week ago today, Stanton was on the worst run of his entire career, and had been statistically the worst hitter in the MLB since May 7. The numbers were brutal, and you can read all about how bad it was here. But those days are long gone, as he’s been on a tear since I hit publish on that blog. In the last week, Stanton’s hitting .400 with a 1.063 OPS, a pair of home runs and 5 RBIs.

All this talk about what it would take to trade for Jose Fernandez, meanwhile, do people even realize that the Marlins could very well end up in the postseason this year? Heading into play on Friday, the Marlins are in a three-way tie for that second Wild Card spot with the Mets and the Cardinals. Not only that, but they’re only four games back of the first place Nationals. We’re so used to the Marlins being an organization to pluck valuable assets from at the trade deadline that I think some fans haven’t taken into account that they’re probably not going to be sellers come August 1. If things continue the way that they’re going, the Marlins are going to be buyers, looking to make a push for October.

Shout out to Nick of the BFBL for the BDS dick emoji gif