Jon Snow's Valyrian Steel Sword Flopping Around Like A Piece Of Rubber Is Pretty Funny



Hilarious. While we were all yelling, “ZIG ZAG RICKON! ZIG ZAG MOTHER FUCKER!” an eagle-eyed GOT viewer spotted something just a tad off with J Snow’s sword. That being that it flopped around like a limp dick. The more times you watch it, the more ridiculous it becomes. Can we get Jon Snow piece of fucking metal so his sword doesn’t look like a piece of rubber? Kinda shocking that a show that costs a trillion dollars to make can’t pay just litttttttttttle extra to make Jon Snow’s sword look real. He’s only the main character after all and all eyes are on him. I can understand why they had to cut Ghost out of the Battle of the Bastards because it’s super expensive to CGI a roided-up dog ripping people’s faces off. Totally fair. But this? That seems like an easy fix. Sell off a set piece from Bill Simmons’ show and get the man a real sword. Or just go to any scrap yard within 10 miles, find a piece of metal and throw it on Jon’s hip. Still funny though.