A Murder Suspect Trying To Snag A Cop's Gun Is An Unbelievable Situation To See Unfold


Fox19 – A man arrested on a murder charge Tuesday tried to grab a Cincinnati police officer’s gun from its holster while being processed at the Criminal Investigation Section.

Thomas Robinson, 23, is accused of shooting 17-year-old Joseph Reno Armstrong Jr. on June 17.

In surveillance footage from inside an interview room, an officer is working to change Robinson’s handcuffs when the suspect glances at the gun then makes his move, briefly getting his hands on the weapon.

As officers work to restrain him, you can hear Robinson yell “Kill Me” six times during the battle for the gun.

The officer is able to keep both hands on his holster as two other cops come in to help. The fight for the weapon lasted about 13 seconds before police forced Robinson to the ground with a stun gun.


Holyyyyy shit what a dramatic situation going on here. I watched this video a couple times to try to figure out what was going on through Robinson’s mind when he went for the gun. The first time watching it I thought it was a premeditated thing, like he lured the cop in to try to snag the weapon. But the more I watched, the more I think it was this guy seeing that gun within arm’s reach and, in that moment, deciding this is when he was going to make his great escape. But also it couldn’t be premeditated because where would the situation go even if he got the gun? He holds the cop hostage? Or he shoots the cop and then proceeds to go after every single armed police officer in the jail like some sort of reverse Die Hard? You can’t even do that in GTA without some cheat codes, you’d end up with that WASTED graphic after you shot the first cop, maybe two if you’re lucky. That “Kill me” request would have happened in a heartbeat, no question.


Then again, based on the can of soda in front of the criminal, maybe he just had some delusions of grandeur and really thought he could pull off a grand Prison Break like Wentworth Miller:



Sprite: Not even once.