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A British Guy Voted to Leave The EU And Now He's 'Worried' Because He Didn't Realize His Vote Mattered


Mirror – Speaking live from Manchester in the wake of Britain voting to Leave the EU, Leave voter Adam told Victoria Derbyshire he is ‘worried’ because he thought Remain would win.

“I’m shocked that we actually have voted to Leave, I didn’t think that was going to happen.

“My vote, I didn’t think was going to matter too much because I thought we were just going to Remain, and the David Cameron resignation has blown me away to be honest.

“I think the period of uncertainty that we’re going to have for the next couple of months, that’s just been magnified now.

“So yeah, quite worried.”


The whole #Brexit thing thing came on so fast this week for those of us not paying attention to British nationalism (I know, shameful to admit now) but I have to admit that the ensuing chaos in the 12 hours I’ve heard of the situation has been highly entertaining. It’s not exactly anarchy but it’s definitely something of a panic with people in the UK realizing that not only are they capable of change, they’re also capable of completely ruining their society (at least in the short term) because of people being asleep at the wheel. And this guy is the perfect example. Just some generic doughy British guy who went in and voted to leave the EU because he wore Union Jack tanktops like a UK equivalent of a Southern frat bro when he was younger and didn’t care enough to research the ramifications. There are some obvious parallels to the upcoming US election but overall it’s just a reflection on us as humans and how collectively dumb we all are when it comes to thinking our actions are inconsequential when almost every choice we make can have far reaching consequences, particularly on my stock portfolio.


Anyway despite all the panic I’m sure the whole #Brexit situation will work out in the end. But I wouldn’t blame everyone this guy encounters if they put bars of soap into some socks and beat this dude like Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket every time he voices an opinion for a few months. His wife whispering “remember it’s just a bad dream, fat boy” after she and their kids tune him up may seem cruel in the moment but, again, probably should have voted to Remain. This is how you learn.