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Kris Dunn Becomes The People's NBA Player By Shouting Out His JC Penney Suit While Rocking Gucci Shoes

“JC Penney suuuuuuits with the pimped out Gucci shoooooes”- Still Fly Kris Dunn remix

Now that’s how you NBA Draft, folks. Don’t go to Supercuts like Brice Johnson. Rock some Gucci kicks, shout out your common man JC Penney suit, and go to what is quickly shaping up to be America’s favorite NBA team. This is a veteran move by Kris Dunn because Minnesota residents have to be one of JC Penney’s top demographics. Dunn’s suit says he is responsible but the shoes say he is a fucking baller with All-Star potential. Meanwhile I bet Brice Johnson is rocking a weak ass suit from Sears or some shit.

Two of the top 6 picks rocking JCP? The revolution is here.

However, if you are going to use those JC Penney coupons, you should probably keep that on the low. RetailMeNot is my personal go-to coupon site.