15 Second Food Review: Burger King Mac N' Cheetos

Get excited folks, because the King is back! Yesterday I blogged about Burger King announcing that these delicious fried treats from the Gods would be at a BK near you soon. So today I called up my local Burger King (not my proudest moment) to ask when these bad boys were coming out and learned that they were already in stores. So I obviously got in my car immediately and coasted there in what I imagine Bartolo Colon felt like as he rounded the base paths after his home run. Just walking on clouds the whole time.

Review: 8.75. You could tell me they are a 9. You could tell me they are an 8.5. I imagine the Mac N’ Cheetos Experience will vary based on who is working the fryer that day. But regardless, they are legit and they are here to stay. And if that isn’t good enough news for fans of the fast food + junk food unholy alliance, here was a little piece of news I missed in yesterday’s blog:

Now my mind is racing. Ruffles, Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, and oh so much more (remember Smartfood popcorn? That stuff is fantastic) aligning themselves with the unlimited resources and imagination of a fast food giant is almost too much to handle. The King going from some bum that got his crown shout off to some Willy Wonka motherfucker making hybrid junk food fast food is a fascinating development. Also, for what it’s worth, I never lick the Cheetos cheese off my hands. That is a disgusting, vile move.

And again, if you want to watch a man slowly poison his body all in the name of #content, check out the rest of my 15 second food reviews below. Trigger warning: It sometimes gets weird (or I guess weirder than usual, since recording half of your face as you eat a bunch of junk food is definitely not normal).