Lingerie Football League Coach Verbally Violates The Officials Into Submission

“YOU WANT ME TO BE MORE SUSPICIOUS!!!” Mount Michaelson has erupted again! And to think I thought for a quick sec Sean lost his fastball after seeing him Mary that red flag throw (seriously, coach, I hope you’re actually left handed after that one). Nope. What he lacks in athletic ability he makes up for verbally assaulting every other man, woman, and (probably) child in sight. Any man who gets that fired up over chippy’s running around in lingerie is a man you don’t want to trifle with. It’s shocking full blown heart attack hasn’t taken him down yet. Seriously, that’s a legit question: How many more of these rants does Seattle Mist head coach Chris Michaelson have left in him before the vein in his neck explodes and takes out the entire city block? If anything these refs should be counting their blessings. The last time stripes crossed Coach on the gridiron he almost chased them down and bit into their jugulars.

Run, white hat. Run for your life. Those officiating whistles might have been promoted to rape whistles if this coach cornered this crew after the game. Step into Michaelson’s locker room for your $10 paycheck, Zebras. Are you fucking retarded, or just stupid?