Mike Francesa Reports On Air That Zack Wheeler Had A Torn UCL, Only To Realize He Was Reading Last Year's Report

Supercut of Mike asking whether it was a new repawt or an old repawt:

Hall of fame moment from Francesa. Top 10. And I can sit here and laugh and say that because luckily I was NOT listening live when this happened. If I was listening live and Mike made me think Wheeler re-tore his UCL only to find out he was watching a re-run on SNY, I probably would have jumped in traffic. I feel horrible for any Mets fans who were listening and really had no reason to question Mike’s reports. Must have been a goddam roller coaster. Mike was probably watching one of SNY’s Yearbook specials or one of their flashbacks to previous years and just had no clue what was going on. Its like when my goddam mom is watching an encore airing of the Mets game and calls me all excited. “Can you believe he hit another home run!?!?” Then I have to tell her to look in the top corner for the “encore” watermark and its basically like telling a little kid there’s no Santa Claus. Thats why I commend Monzo. Having to chime in to someone’s ear piece and be like “Hey Boss…hate to break it to you…but youre being a goddam idiot. You dont know what youre talking about it.” I am not envious of that position.

And now this is where the sports radio purists all say “I cant believe you like this guy! How is he in this position he is TERRIBLE at his job!” Whatever, losers. That 7 minutes of mass confusion and watching this bazillionaire who invented sports radio completely make an ass of himself was way more entertaining than listening to guys list their top 10 NBA players or rehash Deflategate.

PS – That super cut of him asking whether it was a new or old report was incredible. Al and Eddie on the morning show made that. It just kept going and going and going and GOING. I thought it was actually repeats being used to make it longer and then I realized they were all actually real. He actually said “is it today or last year” in some form or another like 15 times. Amazing.