I Can't Decide Whether I Love or Hate The Self Proclaimed "Prince of Montauk"

NYPOST – The “f–king prince of Montauk” ended up behind bars when he was busted driving while high as a kite, cops said Tuesday. Hotshot real estate broker Dylan Eckardt — who bragged, “I’m the f–king rock star of real estate. I’m the f–king prince of Montauk” — was knocked down a peg Monday afternoon after he blew a stop sign while stoned and reeking of booze, according to police. His highness, who was later perp-walked at the East Hampton Police Department, was profiled in Vanity Fair earlier this month for his transformation from a pro-surfer to a local real estate giant. The “prince” sounded like a royal jerk. “There’s nothing like me. I dress like a fashion kid from the city, I talk like an asshole, and I surf like a local,” he boasted to the magazine.“All the locals know me because I’ve either slept with their daughters or played football with their sons,” he bragged. The bigmouth broker — who sold $10 million worth of property in his first four months in real estate — boasted that he’s so well-connected inMontauk that cops let him park his SUV illegally, saying, “No one is going to say sh-t to me.” Eckardt mouth-offed to cops, admitting, “I take Xanax and Lithium every day. This is one time I’m not really f—d up and driving around and you harass me,” according to the police report.He threatened cops, saying, “Now Montauk is going to be tough for you guys,” according to the report. Eckardt was arrested and charged with driving while impaired and refused to take sobriety tests, police said. He told cops,”I’m just refusing [to take tests] to be a d–k,” according to police.

I honestly don’t know what I think about the Prince of Montauck. I mean he’s obviously an asshole but everybody needs a good villain. This guy is a good villain. Like you want to hate him, but at the same time saying you dress like a fashion kid from the city, talk like an asshole and surf like a local is a big time line. So is “all the locals know me because I’ve either slept with their daughters or played football with their sons” I don’t even really understand the football line, but I still like it. Guy is a total douchebag but an unapologetic douchebag. There is something to be said for that. And really that’s all I ask for in life. Be so vile and arrogant that I can’t help but like you.