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Terry Collins Tells Reporters He Took Noah Out Because Of Elbow Discomfort And Then Runs Out Of The Room

Ummmm. What?? Hey Terry you cant drop this bombshell and run out of the room like this. Its not like you were being pestered with some annoying, insignificant question. You can’t yada yada yada Noah Syndergaard elbow discomfort. Thats like your doctor being like “Yea looks like cancer. Stage 4. Inoperable. You’re gonna die. Bye!” Thats like sitting down your 5 year old and being like “You know Santa Claus? Guess what its not real. Mom and dad have been giving you those presents. Theres no such thing as magic. BYE!” Potentially DISASTROUS news. Sit your ass back down.

It was pretty hysterical calling Jay Horwitz “Puppy dog” and clearly being fed up with his bullshit. Classic.

PS – I dont think the elbow is a major issue but at least we got Mini Thor if something goes wrong