Dude Isn't Satisfied With His Burger King Milkshake So Naturally He Attempts To Kill The Fast Food Worker

Seems logical. First off, this reaps what he sews from going to Burger King for a decent shake. Ever hear of a McFlurry, bitch? Or how about just getting a Frosty and calling it a night? There’s no reason to go to BK to get anything, let alone something that has to be somewhat manually prepared by the workers. You’re just asking for disappointment. But that’s not even the point here. The fact of the matter is anyone who goes out of their way to mess with minimum wage employees is a first class dickbag. People in retail, fast food workers, and heroes who sell pasta at Farmers Markets struggle enough making it through the day without taking the last gun in the bullet to the head. Ms. Estrada doesn’t deserve to have her chromed teeth knocked in at the ripe age of 60. If anything she’s lucky she didn’t get dragged to hell out of the window like other fast food victims.

Wanna know what’s worse than making dick per hour and having to deal with assholes degrading you your entire existence as a fast food drive-thru worker? Getting beasted out of a window by your braids for a McFlurry of a butt whooping. It bottles the mind how there aren’t more fast food worker mass murders in the world. These people must show unbelievable discipline. If I was subjected to dealing with savages who start fights at drive-thru windows, morons who think “coning” is genius all while having to clean up piles shit in the free public bathroom that would put the Triceratops from Jurassic Park to shame, you can book it I’m going Falling Down on everyone. Great movie, btw.