A New Challenger Appears


Everyone stuck in the middle of this Presidential race seems to think we are screwed no matter who wins, bringing to mind the 2004 South Park election of the turd sandwich vs. the giant douche. So why can’t J.R. Smith run for the Oval Office on a platform of “Peace, bread, and pipe”? Eh, maybe a bit too communist. How about “Leave all t-shirts behind”? J.R.’s approval rating is through the roof and already won over the nation with his tearful press conference. The Republican National Convention is in Cleveland this year. I’m not saying J.R. could cuckold Trump. And absolutely nothing about J.R. Smith says he’s a republican. But I do know that J.R. just may be the most beloved man in Cleveland right now, LeBron included. The Summer of J.R. is upon us and there is no telling where it will lead.

Again, thank you God for not letting J.R. fuck up and rob us of these last few days of glory.

And if J.R. truly does run, the Barstool store will be ready