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A Motorcyclist Got In A Road Rage Incident With A Driver Who Might Be The Single Most Obnoxious Human Being Ever In A Video


Key time stamps to skip around: 3:20 is when the confrontation begins, 11:20 is when the physical stuff ramps up, 12:00 is when actual hands start getting thrown


YouTube – A driver drove like a mad man and I tried to follow. When I couldn’t keep up because of sanity I left it at that. I went to a dirt patch to try out new tire and not 5 min after I start fooling around he drives by again.

I should have left it alone but instead I confronted him and let anger make me look like a complete asshole.


In most forms of drama dating back to the days of the Greek chorus, “catharsis” has been a major theatrical concept designed to make audiences feel satisfied with the experience, basically stirring up a frustrating amount of emotions that ultimately get released by a resolution of the storyline. It’s like pro wrestling or a TV show with a good villain, people will tune in week after week just to hate them in the hopes they eventually get their comeuppance. And that’s what this video was, eight minutes of me soaking in the driver talking all sorts of moronic shit in the worst tone imaginable shouted into this poor disabled vet’s face, hoping this motorcyclist eventually clocks him in the face. The motorcycle guy filming isn’t without his flaws but I desperately was rooting for him to get in a good burn, shut this dude up by force, anything to put this fucking guy in his place.


And when the motorcyclist finally knocked the guy onto the ground, it was such a wave of relief I felt. That catharsis, some justice in the world, good prevailing over the flapping gums of evil. But NO, just like that it’s ripped from me. This rat looking motherfucker got back up, kept running his mouth, and somehow claimed him getting dropped made the dude filming “a bitch”? And somehow he was playing the victim since he didn’t get to throw a punch even though he started the physical exchange? It KILLS me that a guy like this not only exists, but is so blissfully unaware of how the rest of the world would view who’s right and who’s wrong. The good news is I’d now pay for a stream following this dude around hoping he gets his comeuppance but that doesn’t help me right now.


PS the real person finishing in last place here is the girlfriend. Called “fat” in the heat of the moment by the otherwise nice motorcycle guy, stuck having this dude in her life, and because the motorcyclist took a chunk out of her self esteem with that weight comment you know she’s not building up the moral courage to leave this guy and find someone better. I feel bad for her but no denying that she’s the biggest loser (sorry) in the situation here.