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The Ben Simmons Sixers Tour Kicks Off With Eating Cheesesteaks On Jimmy Fallon

The Roots cuing it up!

I have a feeling this is going to get real old, real fast – especially if there’s an injury or bust factor involved – but the kid seems like he’s handling everything well thus far. I know, Ben Simmons has had the reputation for being a cocky loaded shit, but he comes off very personable and mature to the media. Does that have anything to do with basketball? Fuck no. I’ll take a Sir Charles blasting rebounding everything in sight while publicly blasting fat women over a good guy who says all the right things but can’t shoot worth shit (yet). But we’ll see what happens. At least Jimmy Fallon got the cheesesteak right with Delassandro’s. One bite from there and it feels like you’ve died and gone to diabetic heaven. Ben Simmons better enjoy that reheated puppy because we can’t have him on a cheesesteak fetish like Joel Embiid with his Shirley Temple’s. Take one bite from the best spot in Philly and retire on top:

Smitty’s Official Philly Cheesesteak Power Rankings (FUCK Barclay Prime and their $100 cheesesteak, for I have too much pride and too little money to eat):

-Delassandro’s (600 Wendover Street and Henry Avenue)

-Steve’s Prince Of Steaks (NE)

-Sonny’s (Olde City, get her with bacon and you’ve died and gone to diabetic heaven)

-John’s Roast Pork (Snyder Ave, VERY underrated and only open select hours)

-Jim’s (South St.)

-Phil’s (23rd and Passyunk)

-Chubby’s (Henry Ave)

-Pat’s (9th and Passyunk)

-Joe’s (NE, would be ranked 3rd if their name was still Chink’s. Definitely affects the taste for some reason.)

-Shank’s Original (Delaware Ave)

-Geno’s (9th and Passyunk. SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE)

-Homeless guy slinging mystery meat off of I-95.








-Tony Luke’s