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Bernstein's Response To Anyone Who Didn't Like Yesterday's Column Bashing B-Marsh? You're A Goober



Had to touch on this quickly after yesterday’s column bashing B-Marsh. Bernstein’s response? Oh you think I’m a hater, well you’re just a collegiate goober that is unable to view the Bears critically. Well here’s my critical analysis of the Brandon Marshall Dan.


Brandon Marshall’s Season last year.



Out of this world good. Consistent, productive, Pro-Bowl, top 5 receiver in the league, and all for a 3rd round pick. Steal of a trade.


Brandon Marshall’s quote again ““I’m still trying to figure out my role and my place in this offense,”  So by my own critical analysis I think I’m going to say that B-Marsh is doing just fine in my book. Career year, a simple quote saying he’s trying to fit in to a NEW system, and a hip injury he continues to battle back from, but yeah, you’re right Dan, if you don’t call a guy who has a diagnosed neurological disorder a diva then you’re just a collegiate goober.




Also, I actually didn’t even want to post this because I’ve moved on and I really don’t care about this anymore, but here’s the part about Bernstein that drives me nuts. If you call in to his show and disagree with him they hang up on you. If you criticize him on twitter even for a second, he blocks you (he literally blocks everyone). Comments on his blog? Moderated and basically non existent. So essentially if you disagree with Dan Bernstein he has set it up so that you have nowhere to voice your opinion. So in his world he is always correct and everyone else is always wrong. He’s not a hater, you’re a goober. He’s not making something out of nothing, you’re just a moron that refuses to think critically about your team. He’s the smartest person in the room and you’re just a meatball fan. Oh and you want to rebut his argument? Can’t. Impossible.


And that is why I will post things like this, you can’t have your cake and eat it too Dan. You don’t get to have the only voice in an argument.




Just to show this isn’t some witch hunt for the Score or anything like that. I couldn’t agree more with Spiegel here. Crazy right? I like ESPN Radio and the score. I think that’s called critical thinking.