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British Body Builder Confused As To Why People Make Fun Of Her Body On Her Facebook


(Source) Georgina McConnell may only be 19, but the British teen is already a rising star in the world of female bodybuilding. While other girls her age agonize about losing weight and staying thin, McConnell focuses on eating right and never missing a workout so she can continue to bulk up and sculpt her already impressive frame. In June, McConnell won first place at the United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (UKBFF) North East Championships in the women’s physique category. She is now preparing to show at the UKBFF British Championships in October.

And, even though bullies and haters have harassed her, McConnell has stuck to her guns and continued to work toward her dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder. She recently fired back at online commenters who made mean remarks about her appearance. “I’m happy with who I am,” McConnell wrote on her Facebook page. “I know what I’m doing and I’m doing it for me. I don’t see muscle as anything masculine at all.”

She also responded to the people who accused her of “taking copious amounts of this and that.” “I never miss a meal,” she wrote. “I never miss a work out or cardio so get that straight.”



Look Georgia, I’m a live and let live type of guy. You want to build yourself up to be a brick shithouse, cool. I never miss a meal either, that’s my choice, we both live with our choices and no one else should hate. But don’t then go telling me that you don’t see muscles as anything masculine. What the fuck are you talking about? Muscles are the definition of masculine. Chicks dig guys that lift. That’s just a fact. Otherwise none of us would ever step foot in a gym. So saying you don’t understand people that are calling you masculine is fucking psycho talk. I mean look at yourself, you can’t be any more masculine if you tried. It literally looks like one of those face in a hole cut outs you see at circuses and carnivals. Your face and body couldn’t be more mismatched. It looks a nerd Photoshopped a chick’s face on to a diesel bro’s body. That’s it. So go ahead and tell the haters to fuck off, more power to you, but you can’t also be mad when people say your body is grossing them out, because that is also a stone cold fact.


And for the record, yes I would, of course I would, my bar is UNBELIEVABLY low for that question.