Chick Finds A GIANT 16-Foot Python Just Chilling On Her Bedroom Wall



No need to censor yourself, lady. Nobody is gonna be paying attention to what you’re saying with that python hanging on your wall. I will say this, you know what I trust less than a 16-foot python? A lady who decides to stop and take a video of a 16-foot python then post it on Facebook instead of running out of her house screaming bloody murder. Either start throwing steak knives at it or get the fuck outta there lady. That home belongs to the snake now. The mortgage payments have officially been transferred over. He came in, threw on a hat and now he owns the place. I don’t know much about snakes but I’ve seen the movie Anaconda a few times and those things will snatch you up in an instant. One second you’re snapping pictures of it and then before you know what hit you, you’re dinner. Also, where that lady lives is a place I never wanna go in my life. I have a hard enough time dealing with the spiders that crawl on my walls.