D'Angelo Russell Shows Some Self Awareness In A New Foot Locker Ad After The Swaggy P Debacle




“LOLOLOLOLOL hey guys remember that time I secretly recorded my teammate talking about how he cheats on his girlfriend? That shit was HILARIOUS.”


There’s two schools of thought here. One, Russell should never EVER bring up this matter under any circumstances. Just let that shit sleep and hope it goes away and hope no one ever talks about it again. He did literally the worst thing a player can do to another teammate when he snitched on Nick Young for cheating on Iggy. The less he brings it up the better. That’s one way to think about it and it just so happens to be the wrong way. Self awareness always wins. Always always always. Lean into the wave. Become part of the joke. That Foot Locker commercial is the smartest thing Russell has done since this thing happened. It’s genius, really. Let people know that you know that they know that they know you fucked up. It takes away their power. Does it make what he did any better? Of course not. But at least he can laugh at himself. I feel like 99% of the pro athletes wouldn’t make that commercial. Props to D’Angelo.


PS- And who really gives a shit anyway? Iggy and Nick Young ended up breaking up. Russell probably did Swaggy P a favor.