This Dog Watches Scary Movies The Exact Same Way I Watch Scary Movies Now



And that way would be, like a huge pussy. I’m a huge pussy when it comes to scary movies. Any scary movies but especially the pop-out-when-you-least-expect-it scary movies. That, and shit like the Blair Witch Project. I don’t know what happened to me man but, at some point, I turned into that dog when it comes to scary movies. Hiding under pillows and pissing my pants. It wasn’t always like this. I used to go to Mr. Movies (remember that shit? Mr. Movies? Were we still riding around in a horse and buggy back then? That feels like 200 hundred years ago) and rent every single scary movie I could find. I was obsessed with them. Me and my friends would buy code red Mt. Dews and watch the movies back to back to back to back and not blink. Now? Now I can’t change the channel fast enough when a commercial for a scary movie comes on the TV. Not a movie, not a movie not a movie, but we’re talking about commercials. It’s pathetic and I hate myself for it.