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Chicago Stoolies, This Sunday Come On Out To Crestwood For An All Day Music Festival To Support Cancer Research



Alright so a few weeks ago when we were in Crestwood doing our minor league baseball video I met Dan Weishar, Andrew’s brother, and he told me about Andrew’s (who was a diehard stoolie) battle with cancer and the event in his memory coming up Labor Day Weekend. I know we like to bust balls around here and poke fun of a lot of things but this seemed like a good cause to plug and a really cool event for Stoolies to come out and enjoy. Music, Beer, and helping find a cure for cancer, 3 things I’m very much in support of. So if you’re around this weekend come on out to Crestwood, should be a great time.  Stoolies helping Stoolies, the way it should be.


Here is the link to buy tickets




I want to start a Barstool-Chicago annual charity event. Something to help our community, so if anyone has any ideas for 1) An event and 2) A Charity we could donate to hit me up I’m shooting for the inaugural party to be around late February early March.